Benefits of hydrogen found in Izumio

1 Detoxify and Eliminates Free Radicals from your body: Hydrogen combines with active oxygen in our body to become water and gets excreted

2 Strong Antioxidant effect as it contains Negative 570-700 mv redox potential

3 Improve Blood Circulation: Hydrogen is the smallest atom and able to penetrate through cell membrane or blockage, thus lowering risk of getting heart & cardiovascular artery diseases

4 Slows down brain degeneration

5 Boost and improve Skin conditions

6 Reduces Inflammation and allergy

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Is Your Body Rusting Away?

Because that’s what oxidation does to your body.

As cell oxidation takes place, your bodily system starts to malfunction and the “ageing” process begins.
You see while oxygen is good and essential for life, the excess oxygen creates this “rusting” effect.

So what can we do to prevent this?
How do we slow the ageing process in our busy world today?

Drink Antioxidant Water Regularly
  • Water is a powerful medium in the body that transports minerals and other nutrients.
  • Hydrogen molecules are one of the smallest atoms which makes it able to penetrate into the cells.
  • This means faster absorption of the minerals and you’ll feel the effect and improvements even faster.

Naturally it is not going to happen overnight.

Think about this, how many years have you already been neglecting to take care of your body?

In any case, it should take the same amount of time for your body to recover back.

But with Naturally Plus’ Izumio… This process has been shorten for you. Read testimonials or Izumio Benefits here.

4 Miracle Waters Around the World

You have probably heard of the miracle water people around the world have drunk and felt better immediately. This have happened in places like:

  • Lourdes, France
  • Tlacote, Mexico
  • Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Hunzaz, Northern Pakistan

But what’s the secret behind the water that makes it so mystical? Hydrogen!
In 2002, a Japanese reporter from Japan’s TBS TV Network brought back some of this miracle water to analyze its secret in Kyushu University.

And they discovered that the water contained a high concentration of Hydrogen molecules. However, the natural source of hydrogen rich water depleted over the centuries, while the increasingly polluted environment constantly generates harmful free radicals, causing aging, inflammation and various diseases.

Why Hydrogren Water is the Answer…

Hydrogen is a good antioxidant to reduce the amount of free radicals in your body.

  • Scientifically proven to have antioxidant properties: help to remove harmful free radicals from your body that cause oxidative stress leading to chronic diseases and aging.
  • The first research paper on hydrogen being an antioxidant was published back in 2007 in the medical journal, Nature Medicine by Dr. Shigeo Ohta
  • H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe. It can be located even within our DNA level. Hence, the molecule of hydrogen water is small enough to penetrate into our cells deeply.
  • When you drink hydrogen water, the H2 from the hydrogen will react with the O (free radicals) to form water. H2+O = H2O, and our body will detox this out through perspiration and urination

Note: Hydrogen gas cannot be kept in plastic because it will pass right through the walls of the container. Only Izumio’s vacuum packed in a four-layered aluminum pouch offers high shielding protection to minimize leakage.


Who should take Izumio?

Izumio is safe to be taken by anyone including children and elderly.
There have been many research papers published that Hydrogen can potentially improve conditions in:

1 Atopic Dermatitis

2 Autism

3 Bone – Osteoporosis

4 Brain – Cognitive Impairment, Parkinson’s Disease, Surgically induced brain injury, Traumatic brain injury, and protects against Ischemic brain injury

5 Cancer patients receiving Radiotherapy,

6 Cardiac Arrest

7 Cholesterol

8 Cystitis/Painful bladder syndrome

9 Dermatitis

10 Diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance

11 Hypertension

12 Kidney Injury, Peritoneal dialysis

13 Liver inflammation, Hepatitis

14 Lung injury, Pulmonary fibrosis

15 Muscle Fatigue caused by acute exercise

16 Noise-induced hearing loss

17 Rheumatoid Arthritis

18 Sepsis (Severe inflammatory response to infection)

19 Tooth – Periodontitis (inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth)

20 Wound healing

21 Wrinkles

You can take reference on the articles and videos below:
For more detailed explanation of Hydrogen, you can watch this video presented by the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation (MHF).

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