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Health is important to every one of us. Unfortunately not many people take care of themselves until it is too late.

And that is the purpose of this website… to provide you with health information and research so you can easily make the right decisions.

Our team have been in this business for over 4 years and have helped more than 1000 clients to solve their health problems. In this website we will be sharing not only the products that have helped them but also their stories.

  • “My mother is a Brain Cancer stage 4 patient. The Doctor informed us that she can only live for 6 more months even with Chemotherapy.However, she is still alive after 14 months. We are very thankful as Super Lutein and Izumio has helped her a lot… read more

    Mr Anthony Leong’s Mother
    Brain Cancer Stage 4 Patient
  • Richard started taking Super Lutein in April 2015. As a stocks and options trader, he had to stare at the computer screen very often. After about two and a half months, he started to see numbers on the screen clearly. He was also able to see street signs better… read more

    Improved Eyesight & Overall Health
  • Madam Peng Wei experienced improvement in her health after consuming Super Lutein.So she introduced the product to her 83 year old mother. Her mother had been blind in the right eye for 32 years due to glaucoma, and her left eye blind… read more

    Mdm Peng Wei
    Glaucoma & Cataract

Antioxidant supplement is something you consume that will help build up your immune system while strengthening your body.This is why when it comes to our customers, we aim to give you the confidence to know what you are consuming and how it helps you. When you meet up with any member of our team, you have our assurance that we will give you advice and suggestions that are unique to your situation.

We understand that every individual has different needs. You may have questions you need answered even before deciding on a health supplement that will help you. This is why we believe in being responsive. Helping you to find, review and recommend the right information and products.

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How are you affiliated with Naturally Plus? It is safe to purchase from you?

We are an authorised Distributor of Naturally Plus since 2011. All our products are directly from Naturally Plus.

How can I purchase Super Lutein/Izumio and how fast can i receive my product?

Please call us +6582883224 or leave behind your contact number and we will contact you. We will arrange delivery with you and able to deliver within next working day (if required)

What if I’m not located in Singapore and I like to purchase Super Lutein/Izumio?

Apart from Singapore, Naturally Plus has various Salons located in different countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, Brunei, Japan

Naturally Plus also offers online registration if you are located in countries not mentioned above, such as USA, Europe Countries, China

Please leave us your contact and we will advise you how you can order if you are located in these countries.